Canakkale - Canakkale Cement Factory Port

Canakkale - Canakkale Cement Factory Port Location

Position : Lat : 39 52 N Long : 26 N 09 E
It is a private pier under management of Canakkale Cement Co.

Authority Canakkale Cement Co.
Phone: (286) 658 72 00/10 Fax: (286) 628 72 10 
Pilotage Is compulsory for berthing and unberthing and anchoring, provided by the Akcansa Pilot.VHF channels 10, 16.
Towage And/or mooring boat compulsory arranged by pilot and and provided by the UZMAR Denizcilik Izmir.
Storage Area There is 10.000 storage area and cement silos 6x8.000tons.
Water Density 1027
Additional Info A conveyor system available connected with a special crane on the quay to load only cement in bulk. 
Airport At Istanbul distance apprx. 375 km from the port.
Fresh Water Available via Serpen
Provisions Available via Serpen
Bunker Available via Serpen


1 251 -13.50 Bulk / Gen.Cargo (konveyor)
2 209 -13.50 Bulk / Gen.Cargo (konveyor) 
3 208 -5 Bulk / Gen.Cargo / Ro - Ro Ramp

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