Izmit Bay - Tupras Refinery Port

Izmit Bay - Rota Port


Lat: 29º 43' 30'' N/Long: 40º 46' 10'' E 

Situated in the Marmara Sea Izmit Bay.


Authority Tupras Marine Terminal / Tutunciftlik (Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.S.)
Phone: (90-262) 527 0660 Fax: (90-262) 527 4724
Harbour Master Phone: (90-262) 528 5104 or 528 3754
Turk Radio Phone: (90-212) 598 9526
Pilotage Compulsory (Berthing/Unberthing)
Danca Pilot Phone: (90-262) 745 0036
Towage Not necessary for vessels upto 5,000 GRT
One tugboat compulsory for vessels of upto 15,000 GRT
Two tugboats compulsory for vessels of upto 50,000 GRT
Three tugboats compulsory for vessels of more than 25,000 GRT
Four tugboats compulsory for vessels of more than 50,000 GRT
Storage Area Tanks: 200,000 MT, LPG Tanks: 50,000 MT, Crude Oil Tanks: 400,000 MT
Water Density 1.020
Additional Info Service is provided to vessels 24 hours a day 7 days a week, three shifts.Pier (Faz II) also can be used for unloading crude oil carriers. Clean and dirty ballast and slops can be pumped to shore installations.
Airport The nearest airport is in Istanbul (130 km.)
Repairs Minor repairs can be effected. Full facilities at Tuzla Shipyards
Fresh Water Available via Serpen
Provisions Available via Serpen
Bunker Available via Serpen



Faz I 200 m Unrestricted 14 m Fuel Oil/Crude Oil  
Faz II (north) 140 m Unrestricted 20 m LPG Tankers  
Faz II (south) 140 m Unrestricted 20 m Fuel Oil/Crude Oil  
Dolphin Unrestricted Unrestricted 24 m Upto 280,000 DWT Vessels  

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